Homegrown Friends Announces its Plan to Offer Playgroup Matching Free of Charge

Two months after its soft launch in 6 US locations, Homegrown Friends, a playgroup matching service for parents and children ages 0-3, is altering its business model.  Initially Homegrown Friends offered its services including playgroup matching, a developmentally appropriate playgroup curriculum and an online forum to offer insight and buy and sell goods for a $50 membership fee. 

“At the heart of Homegrown Friends is the importance of nurturing all parents and children,” said Meredith Magee Donnelly, Founder.  “By offering the Homegrown Friends Membership free of charge we hope to widen our base of participants therefore allowing us to focus on supporting our business through advertising partnerships.”  Current members will be given a full refund with no change to their current memberships. 

Currently, Homegrown Friends is located in Fairfield County, CT, Hartford County, CT, Des Moines, Iowa, Brooklyn, NY, Philadelphia, PA, Madison, WI and Austin, TX.  “We are looking to expand over the next 12 months,” said Magee Donnelly.  “Our goal is to be a consistent, supportive service for all parents no matter what your lifestyle is or where you live.  All parents and children deserve to be nurtured through friendship.  Homegrown Friends aims to help.”

To learn more and become a Homegrown Friends member visit http://www.homegrownfriends.com and stay up to date on the latest announcements athttp://www.facebook.com/HomegrownFriends