Megalodon - The Largest Shark that Ever Lived

Last week I had the chance to visit one of the newest exhibits at Adventure Aquarium, Megalodon.    Megalodon has taken over Adventure Aquarium this summer.  Even though I am deathly afraid of sharks, I was interested in learning more about this shark. About Megalodon The largest shark that ever lived has taken over Adventure Aquarium this summer - now through September 3. Witness a 5,000-square-foot exhibit highlighting the evolution, biology and misconceptions of Megalodon, an enormous prehistoric shark that once cruised all the world's oceans. Related to the modern great white and mako sharks, Megalodon was a dominant marine predator for 15 million years before vanishing 2 million years ago. What to check out
Don't miss walking through the 60 foot-long metal sculpture replica of an adult Megalodon.  You will be amazed at the size of the shark.
Great, hands-on activities for the kids are available to learn more about sharks. Touch a full set of 47 Megalodon teeth and view real specimens showing tooth differences between upper and lower jaws, male and female sharks, and sharks' unique system of tooth replacement.
Where Did Megalodon Live?  Another great hands on activity for the kids.
Don't miss the growth series of Megalodon Jaws. View four Megalodon jaws from 30- to 60-foot-long. We learned so much about Megalodon, the kids loved the hands on activities.  I loved that my kids were excited about learning facts about Megalodon.  This is a must see event at the Adventure Aquarium and it will be leaving soon so make sure you see it before September 3rd.