Fun Things Reviews Zhu Zhu Babies and Giveaway!

Remember a few Christmas's ago, standing in line for the hottest new toy ZhuZhu pets? The Zhu Zhu craze is still going strong and the hottest addition to the ZhuZhu familiy is ZhuZhu babies.  Recently, I was given the chance to review the cutest addition to the ZhuZhu family.

ZhuZhu Babies
ZhuZhu  babies are much smaller than regular ZhuZhu's they also don't have the wheels that come with your traditional pets.  They do move around on different play sets, by magnets on the bottom of the play sets.   The adorable babies each come with a unique name, tiny birthmark, biography and a collectors number.  In each pack the babies comes with a bottle, rattle or toy to keep the ZhuZhu happy. You can also dress your baby up in different outfits.

What I liked
* Perfect for kids who like to play mommy
* Easy to dress (perfect for small hands)
* Easy to transport around, mom can put them in her purse!

What I disliked
I disliked the small accessories but, because my kids are probably like your kids, they don't see it as a problem.  If you have very small children or a puppy, like my house, you don't want to find the little pieces laying around.  My kids will be playing with the set on a separate floor that the dog is not allowed on so, everyone is happy.

Dance Recital Play-set
The ZhuZhu toys have play-sets for the babies and we were able to review the recital play-set.  The set has magnets that allow your ZhuZhu babies to move around on stage.  You add you regular size ZhuZhu's to
the play piano which make the babies move around.  The recital play-set has props that also move, and 2 scenes that the kids can use to create different shows for their babies.

What My Kids Liked
* Different back drops give kids different choices when playing
* We could use regular size ZhuZhu's with the babies ZhuZhu's
* The kids could use their imaginations instead of sitting in front of a computer or television

What My Kids Didn't Like
* There is some assembly required once the kids open the box.

Overall my kids and I loved these products from the ZhuZhu family.  I have an 8 year old and 5 year old and they really enjoyed playing with the babies and play-set.

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