Review on Safety Tats and Discount

Chances are you will be visiting the beach, zoo, or an amusement park this summer and if your like most parents you worry about your little one getting separated from you. I know it's a constant fear that I have. When I travel with my kids I usually use a safety necklace with their information engraved on it, but I always have to remember to put the necklaces on them each morning before we leave the hotel and recently my youngest broke her necklace while we were away.

While we were traveling over spring break, I had my kids try Safety Tats, and we were very happy with them. I placed them on each child before we left the hotel room, the Safety Tat stayed on them for for our 2 day trip and even during the pool and showers. I liked the fact I didn't have to worry about placing a new one on while we were away and the kids thought they were cool. Safety Tat also has allergy tattoos, build your own tattoos and tattoos for tweens.

Great News Safety Tats is offering 10% off an order of $15 or more. Coupon is good now through May 3, 2010. The coupon code is KidsInDelawareCounty (must be typed as seen, case sensitive)

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Disclosure: I received a free package of Safety Tats for this review